Thursday, 10 September 2009

PC Prudes ban Spotted Dick!!

Years ago i worked in a pub and on the menu was Spotted Dick.. We had our regular old ladies come into the pub for their lunch on a daily basis and they always giggled when asking for a Spotted Dick. I decided to spare their embarassment by writing on the board that we had "Pimpled Richard" on as a desert.
They laughed like mad when i called it that and it became a known thing in the pub.. I did it as a joke and we often said that one day it would end up with a name change... lo and behold, look whats in the news!!

SPOTTED dick ranks alongside sausage and mash, jam roly-poly and shepherd’s pie as one of the nation’s best-known dishes.

But you won’t find it on one council’s ­canteen menu because politically correct souls have decided the name is offensive. Anyone wanting the steamed suet, flour and dried fruit pudding now has to ask for spotted Richard or sultana sponge.

The ludicrous move came after staff at Flintshire County Council’s HQ in Mold, said they were embarrassed by diners sniggering as they ordered the dish. Last night council member Klaus Armstrong-Braun said: “I find this unbelievable. I have been told it happened because it was felt the name was offensive. That is ludicrous. This dish has been around for 150 years and its name has never been a problem.

“It is part of British culture and heritage and to change it because of the childish ­behaviour of a few is absolutely ridiculous.

“It will even cost money because the name labels have to be changed. It is political ­correctness gone mad.”

Tory MP Philip Davies, Parliamentary spokesman for the Campaign Against ­Political Correctness said: “They are likely to get more people sniggering ­because they are calling it spotted Richard rather than spotted dick. It also speaks ­volumes that one group can be so childish and the other so sensitive.”

A council spokesman said: “We accept that the correct title for this dish is spotted dick, but because of several immature ­comments from a few customers, catering staff renamed the dish. Staff simply acted as they thought best to put an end to unwelcome and childish comments, albeit from a very small number of customers.”


  1. Oh for good grief...has this PC stuff not gone far enough?!

  2. Gee...I feel like calling up our good friend, Dick, and telling him to change his name now. Sigh...people are stupid sometimes.

  3. I couldn't believe this when I heard it. Defies logic and common sense. Maybe we shouldn't call gingerbread gingerbread for fear of offending people like me with red hair.

  4. Well, isn't that special? People have got to lighten up. Geesh! Maybe they should have just told the few customers to get a life and grow up. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. I used to love Spotted Dick and yes, even as an adult there was something extremely funny in asking for it out loud in a pub, restaurant or cafe . . you just had to snigger but for heavens sake . . such a fuss!!

    It was so nice to see that tin . . living in Spain, havn't seen it in some time. My hubby adores those Heinz puds.

    P.S . .Tracey, although I can see you have followed me from your blogs that you follow, you don't show up on my site. A gremlin perhaps?

    See you soon and have a great weekend!