Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wednesdays Witterings

I'm sat on the sofa at Dave's, with all the windows open and a lovely breeze blowing in.. also an added bonus is the smell of the chocolate factory blowing this way.

It's such a magnificent smell kind of chocolate and toffee mixed, i wish i could bottle this smell, its one that makes me say "Mmmmmmmmmm"

We're trying to decide whether to go and watch Newcastle Utd play on Saturday at St James' Park. The dogs will be away this weekend so we don't have to worry about them been home alone and barking the house down. I think it sounds like a plan, a full sporting weekend as we're going up to Scotland on Sunday to watch the BTCC at Knockhill. Who knows if we get to the football too we could be on television all weekend.

Last weekend we had a day at the beach, packed a picnic and the quick erect tent ( ooo err missis) its one you undo and throw and voila its up and ready to climb in.

Dave sunning himself by the tent

The dogs had a great time swimming and running. Molly at one point decided to run into the sea for her ball at the same time as a wave came!! she loved it been underwater but wasn't too happy at us 2 laughing at her, so she grabbed her ball and took it to the tent. She was like a kid sulking.

On the way home, we drove on the coast road and came upon the annual kite festival at Whitley Bay, the site of all those kites was ever so colourful.

And now i can't get this song out of my head!!!!

As some of you may be aware, i have another blog which i'm just messing about with. Its all on my family history. I've been tracing for 21 years now and every now and again i decide to go back to it. I decided to blog bits as, you never know, some of my readers may well know someone with the same name's i'm searching as my family are well travelled.

My other blog

Yesterday i discovered that my great grand uncle invented the bicycle brakes in 1899!!
Now i'm on a mission to find out other interesting facts.

please follow my other blog and feel free to pass comments, i try not to make it too boring


  1. That would be cool to see all those kites. Now that is a tent, I have to put on up this weekend to air it out, definatly not as easy as that one.

  2. Hello Tracey! My aunt used to work in Cadburys and when she'd visit, she brought a black bag full of chocolate! I loved your pictures of the kite festival and best of luck with the family tree! Isn't that fasinating about your great grand uncle!

  3. I must have missed this last time I visited your blog- you seem to live somewhere near my birth place North Shields.I was brought up in Tynemouth village. I used to love kite flying with my dad in Whitley Bay as a kid- the links is a great place for wind!!!
    I also spot that you are toon army supporter- hurray. Isn't it all a bit depressing at the moment- but loyal to the end eh? LOL

  4. Dragon.. You have to get one of these.. so quick and no faffing ;-)

    Claire.. I'm so excited about my find regarding my uncle. i sound boring don't i? but beleive me, i'm far from it ;-) LOL

    Jo... I'm actually from Hull but spend lots of time up here as my other half is in Gosforth.. I love it up here all he can hear from me is OOoo & Arrrr" as i see something i like haha

  5. Cool about the bicycle brake thing!

  6. those kites were just awesome ya

  7. The pictures of your dogs made me smile :0) - thank you for that! Sounded like such fun. Wished we lived near sea - that would kill the dreaded harvest mites!

  8. Tracey.. this was a wonderful post, and the pictures are wonderful! Thanks for the B'Day wishes as well :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. The dogs look like they were having a great time. Must have been fun for you when they came out of the water, shaking themselves.

  10. Hi! I followed a link somewhere and found myself here. :)

    What a great day at the beach - I love the photos, especially the kites! We took our five grandchildren to Southport the other week but struggled to get the kite up. :)