Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunderland Airshow

This year was Sunderland’s 21st International Airshow, it was this weekend and Myself & Dave went on Saturday.
I’ve never been to an Airshow before but thoroughly enjoyed it.. The amount of people that turned up was amazing.

We arrived at the park & ride carpark just after 9am and joined a queue to be transported to Seaburn’s seafront on a convoy of buses. The first things we saw were various stalls from home made hot chilli sauce products, charity stalls, homemade jewellery & perfume, to a wagon selling bread! And various food stalls selling anything from hog roasts to burgers and of course fish & chips.

First up for the start of the airshow were The Red Arrows who are The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team. They fly at many events but for some reason I have never seen them, until Saturday. They were absolutely amazing and me been the softy that I am, managed to have a tear in my eye or two!

The RAF Falcons flew in too, literally.. They jumped out of a helicopter and did a parachute display and landed on the beach, right on target!! Amazing.

In the arena area we saw the royal marine band of Scotland who played fantastically.. I’ve always wanted to play a drum in a band, any band I just want to bang a drum!!

Throughout the day many planes and helicopters flew over and did a display for us all.

The main reason we went on Saturday was that The Vulcan which once ruled the skies during the Cold War and served in the Falklands campaign in 1982, paid a visit. Thanks to a huge fundraising effort the last Vulcan flew again and boy was it a grand beast



  1. wow Trace!! great photos!! you are getting extremely nifty with that camera! bring it down when you come - you can do studio shots of us all ;o)

  2. Excellent pictures. Love the Vulcan and it must have been great to see it fly in the flesh.

  3. Dave sure can take good pictures.