Friday, 31 July 2009

A morning at the beach

As it was such a lovely warm sunny morning, we took the dogs down to the beach for a play and a swim. It’s their favourite thing to do, they can run forever on the beach we go to.

I took off my flip flops as soon as we got to the sand dunes and felt the sand running through my toes all warm and soft. Dave on the other hand decided he’d wear his wellie boots! Each to there own hahaha

When Molly & Bertie had had enough of swimming in the sea they came to sit with us 2 and watch the world go by.

The beach is on the flight path to Newcastle airport so plenty of planes fly past, quite low!

Every now and again the dogs trotted off to play with other dogs or just to have a wander into the sea for another swim. In all we had a lovely time.


  1. Tracey, Newcastle is beautiful! I have never been but if the planes go there whats stopping me? Come to think of it, I only live in Liverpool! Hello neighbour! lol! Lovely pics!

  2. I'm afraid it's wellies, or a large boot, for me at the beach! Love the photos, esp of the dogs.

    CJ xx

  3. Loving the toe varnish. It's pouring down here in London and I'm very glad we're off on our hols. I'd need waders, not wellies, if we were staying here.

  4. Lovely happy pics. Thanks for visiting me, see you soon.

  5. Beautiful and nobody in sight. Being a desert rat that really sounds nice to me. By the way great looking pups you have there.

  6. That looks so relaxing. I love your dogs, they are really pretty.