Sunday, 10 May 2009

Where have all the cheese chapatti's gone?

A few months ago we had a Indian takeaway. With it we got a cheese chapatti. The chapatti was absolutely gorgeous and oozing with cheese.

Anyway, this cheese chapatti has been on my mind ever since and about 2 weeks ago I made some curry and asked Dave if he’d go to the Indian for a cheese chapatti. I’m just dishing our curry up when he comes home, excellent timing.
He plonks onto the worktop 2 frozen naan breads..
“Where’s my cheese chapatti”? asks me
“They don’t sell them” Dave tells me, so I get the menu out and show him them listed.
“Oh I went to the local costcutter supermarket, I thought that’s where you meant” AAARRRGGGHHH
Needless to say the dogs got my very dry, very bland naan bread.

Yesterday I made a Chicken Madras and some Bombay Potato as a side dish. When I looked in the cupboard we had no rice, another aarrgghh!
Dave came to the rescue. He trotted off to the Indian takeaway for some of their gorgeous pilau rice and also a cheese chapatti.

Once again I’d dished our curry and potatoes up as Dave walked through the door.
“This seems a heavy bag for a carton of rice and a cheese chapatti” he said.
On opening it we discovered we had a portion of chips.. 2 poppadoms, a garlic naan bread and a foil tray of chicken massala.

We’d got someone else’s order!!

Anyway we ate it all except the chicken massala which is now frozen.

Later on in the evening Dave suddenly said
“ Its weird you know, the man in the takeaway called out for Mr Wells and looked at me and handed me the takeaway”
“I did think, I never gave him my name”

Do you know the funny thing which I started giggling about when I got to bed.. Fatal as I’m a menace when I start to giggle!!

Dave’s surname isn’t Wells or anything even similar… its Rutherford!!!

Sooo the quest is on… will I ever get my cheese chapatti? Am I doomed?


  1. That is such a funny post! My recommendation to you: NEVER let Dave "WELLS" go to the takeaway again - unless of course you are very, very hungry. In that case, have him wait for the biggest possible order!
    Really funny post!

  2. Only you two!! Ha ha ha, it's a brilliant, although knowing you two, very typical, event. He he he - so, when you having the Madras? Or daren't ya bother??? ;p

  3. OMG...sweetie - never go to Africa with this would be a total catastrophe!!

  4. Very funny story ... it's fun to get a bonus everyone once in awhile.

  5. Come over here, I'll make you the best cheese chapati you ever had :)