Friday, 1 May 2009

May Day Fun

Well the next door neighbours have had the builders in all week and drove us mad with their banging and drilling.. Is it really possible for a builder to drill holes in the same spot for 3 days? Then hammer the same spot for 3 days too? Anyway, enough was enough by 10am so we went out.

Dave wanted to have a nosey in Halfords for some paint for his brake callipers but unfortunately they had one colour and it wasn’t right.

We then went to South Shields and had a fish and chip lunch from Colmans
We took them to the sea front and they were absolutely gorgeous.

After lunch we hopped over the wall to the beach and let Molly & Bertie run and have fun. Molly took a shining to the seagulls and decided she should chase them away, where as Bertie was quite content sleeping on the sand.

The dogs then decided they’d like a swim in the sea so who were we to stop their fun? Molly set off doing her thing and if we hadn’t have shouted for her to come back, she’d have been in Norway!!

After their swim we had a lovely long walk and I found this bin…..

Erm.. I do pick up my dogs poo but this sign made me think… Do people pick up dog poo by hand and not bag it?? Yeuuukkkkk!! hahaha


  1. LOL! I love signs like that! I always wonder who writes them and, more importantly, who approves them!

    I love fish and chips by the sea. I used to live in Vancouver Canada, and that was a weekly event - fish and chips on the beach. Nothing like it - the smell of salt from both the sea and the chips! A little bit of heaven!

  2. such a hilarious sign - so typically british! i.e.; idiotic!

    where's a pic of the F&C then? was it in a box??

  3. Audrey...i'm with you on the "heaven" bit ;-)
    Sandhy... They were in a box and the box had a picture of the fish and chip shop on it!! i should have taken a photo but i was ravenous so it was the last thing on my mind haha x

  4. Hmmmm...yuk! Im assuming you're an English Newcastle woman :)

    Australian Newcastle beaches have sand.

    That beach looks like I imagine an English beach would look?

  5. Hahahaha this was a bad beach with stones as you see... look at some other pics i've posted on here somewhere.. we have sand too :P