Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wednesday's weigh in

Tonight was weigh in at Slimming World and I got what I expected. I put on 1/2lb this week. I expected it because I haven’t felt too well for a few days and haven’t been eating properly and to lose weight you need to eat.
But there was good news. Because Janice had only started been a consultant at our class last week and had loads to do she was a week late awarding the Slimmer of the Month award so tonight was the night. Guess who won it? ME!!!

Not only did I receive the award but also a fridge magnet and a basil plant, good eh?
And they hold a raffle every week. Its only 10p a ticket so hardly breaks the bank… I won second prize… a packet of cous cous. woop woop. The first prize was the ingredients to make a cottage pie.


  1. wow - cous cous AND Basil? heh heh - good for you...I am failing!!

  2. VERY cool! I love that you got a basil plant too. It reminds me of summer:)