Thursday, 12 February 2009

Snow Fun

I woke at 6am today, let Bertie out to have a wee, Molly stayed warm in her bed,and the weather was fine and clear. By 9am the snow had started and its never stopped since. Yerrrrrrrrr.
As I’ve mentioned before. I love snow but when it came to the UK last week, we only had it for 1 day in the North East.
Today, was a bonus as the weather lady on television last night said we’d have another fine sunny day.

Anyway, We got all wrapped up and took the dogs out for a walk. I have no idea what Molly was on today but she developed a new thing..
Putting her head in the snow and kind of walking on her head!! Odd dog. Bertie enjoyed running and barking to tell Molly to wait for him.

Dave and molly walked on while i rummaged for the camera

Newcastle Vipers have a home game this evening against Cardiff Devils.. Not sure if its on or not but I’m staying home, all tucked up with the dogs and watching telly…Dave can tell me the outcome when he gets home and I’ll have the kettle on ready for his hot mug of coffee as he’ll be freezing when he gets home.

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  1. Aj SAID you'd be chuffed to bits about the snow! :o) Glad you had some!