Friday, 2 January 2009

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I've just found this message that i'd posted on a different blog in October 2007.. made me chuckle.. typical me!

Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Have i got a bad heed
I'm not after sympathy though hehehehehe.

Last night after the game, i went to a mates wedding do. And what a night.
Started off as trouble. as we went to get in the taxi, i opened the door.
unfortunately for me, it was a rather blustery night and because i had a dress on ( yep i do dresses) i did a Marilyn Munroe and flashed my knickers to the poor kids waiting to go in to skate!!

It was a fan bloody tastic night with all my mates on form...
think i must have had one too many to be honest as i remember been on stage with Jules doing our rude version of Y.M.C.A....then the DJ putting my favourite karry me okie song on... Meatloafs Paradise by the Dashboard Light
next thing Scoobys on stage too and me and him did a miming duet!! and actions to it.. blimey!!
Later when i nipped to the ladies, a woman who i have never seen in my life comes to me and says
" Wow you looked fantastic up there, you should be on stage doing that all the time" " and then carried on " I'm serious, you should go round clubs and pubs doing it"
doubt that very much hahahahahah
Then she pipes up " Oh and by the way, who ever could believe you have cancer, your so much fun. good on you girl" then hugs me!!!
Who was this woman?

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