Saturday, 3 January 2009


We’ve just got home from watching Newcastle Vipers play Edinburgh Capitals at Whitley Bay Ice Rink and boy was it cold!
I always get wrapped up warm when I go there as its an old building and always cold, unlike most of the newer arenas I’ve been to which are warm.
Vipers won 5-4 so it wasn’t all bad.
Anyway, I bought myself a hat to wear at the game and here it is… lovely and warm around my ears too.

What a fun time we had too, i had a giggle did Dave. He was stood up and bending to put something in my bag... some friends were sat in front of us and the lady happened to turn round at the point of Dave's "bend" she almost had her snout up his bum!!! hahahaha i'm laughing just typing it, she made some comment and we all just burst out laughing.
Then Dave was chatting to another friend, who made him laugh, unfortunatly Dave was chewing gum at the time and it fell out, down the back of Darrans seat. All i saw when i turned round was Dave with his hand grappling about on Darrans seat, allegedly trying to find the gum.... yer right hahahahaha