Monday, 12 November 2012

Colonoscopy Procedure

What a memorable weekend! I went on a rare night out on Saturday to watch ice hockey. I’ve been supporting my team since they began  about 25 years ago but due to various reasons, i’ve been unable to go as often as i would like.

My team won too and what a fantastic atmosphere.

Yesterday was Moviprep day. From Saturday evening until after my colonoscopy, i could have no food and only drink clear drinks. I had black coffee and bovril and later in the day started on the Moviprep solution. Its awful, it tastes like Lemsip powders, Bleugh!! when i take medication i hate prolonging the agony, i prefer to take a tablet but drinking 2 litres of this awfully sweet stuff really made me gagg.

Moviprep pkt_iso

Anyway, it worked and it was a go go go to the loo.. I felt a stone or two lighter!

This morning i woke at 5am and had a nice long soak in the bath and set off to the hospital for my colonoscopy.


On arriving i was taken to a room to have the pre assessment, blood pressure and pulse was taken for this procedure. Then i was taken into a changing room to get gowned up, i then met my consultant who told me a little of what was going to happen and then i went into the room and had to lay on my left side so my consultant could get to work. I had a cannula inserted into a vein and a sedative given. I was awake all the way through but a little groggy. I suddenly got very hot and felt i was going to faint, i told the nurse who spoke to me all the way through and put a cold cloth on my forehead as i was perspiring so much. Then i fainted!! i heard all the very slow distant voices but was fully aware of what was happening. The air been blown inside me made it worse! The procedure only lasted 8 minutes but as i had passed out i thought i’d been there a lot longer.

I was taken into recovery where they tell you to pass wind as soon as you feel you need to as they have pumped air into you, there is a lot to come out! It was like the trumpet voluntary in that room hahahah


I was informed too by my consultant that because i had a full hysterectomy when i had cancer  and also internal radiotherapy, the skin near my bowel was very sensitive and this is why i as in so much pain. Apparantly if i hadn’t had both the operation and the radiotherapy i wouldn’t have been in half as much pain.

The test came back all clear except they couldn’t see right to the top of my bowel and there may be some very small polyps but they can take years to grow so as yet there is no panic.

My consultant will write to me to let me know when to go through this all again but to be honest i prefer to be “kept an eye on” as cancer is most certainly no joke.



  1. That farting picture made me laugh.

    I am glad everything came back clear.


  2. Hey Birdie, it mad me chuckle too and while we're on the subject... I'm STILL!! doing it! and its almost 8 hours since i got home hahaha