Thursday, 11 October 2012

Here we go again

I now have a date for the Full Bowel Cancer Screening and Colonoscopy. I shall be going in on the 12th November. I have been sent some very strong laxatives to drink the day before so it should be a go go gooooooooooooo.

Yesterday out of the blue i received an appointment for Breast Screening. I have been asking for this for some months, actually 2 years, now but was told i was too young and also because no breast cancer has been in my close family, it wasn’t a must until i hit 50 ish. Now though they are doing breast screening for ladies in their late 40’s so i have a date for a Mammogram on the 26th October.

I only blog nowadays to remind myself about all of these hospital appointments and not doing it as a Me .. Me.. Me. I have major memory problems and by looking at my blog, i am reminded what happens at my appointments.


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