Friday, 20 July 2012

Ovarian Cancer Disease Study part 3

Today i’ve been to have my bloods taken. 1 been the CA125 ready for my Oncology appointment next week and the other 3 for the research i'm helping with.

In search of a vein

Holly the nurse, searched for a good vein.. difficult as mine have always hidden since i had chemotherapy.

Sharp Scratch

Eventually she found one and i heard those two words “Sharp Scratch”

Yellow is my CA125 ready for my Oncologist. The 3 purple are to be sent to the lab


The yellow pot of blood at the back is my CA125 and the three at the front are now on their way to be researched.

There they go

I feel so happy at been able to help with this research.


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  1. that remark 'sharp scratch' always cracks me up - they should just say 'massive stab' ;)

    doing mine as soon as I get up the courage! good for you