Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ovarian Disease Study…part 2

At the beginning of June i mentioned that i had been asked to help with an Ovarian Cancer Disease Study. this week i received more details.

I received a bag of all kinds of goodies to take with me to my GP for blood extraction.

Ovarian Cancer Research Implements 002

Three lots of blood needs sending off to be studied and a questionnaire needs to be filled in by myself too. I have booked my appointment to coincide with my CA125 bloods which need taking ready for my  6 month check up. so that day i shall be bloodless by the time i leave my GP.

The study is to try to find out more about the causes of benign ovarian disease & cancer so that so that they can find ways to prevent it. In particular they are trying to find genes that increase the risk of ovarian disease or are related to the effectiveness of treatment for the disease. One way to do this is to compare family history and DNA from blood samples in women who have had ovarian disease with DNA from the general population.

I don’t mind helping in this way as ideally i would love to be bungee jumping and running or even cycling for charity but unfortunately my health won’t allow so my way of helping is to do this kind of thing.



  1. This is a very good thing you are doing. That reminds me, did you know about this?


    Very important for all women to know especially women that are at risk.

  2. I am really not looking forward to having THAT much blood removed! Ugh. Let me know how it goes - still haven't booked my appointment, as I am chicken! ;)