Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Medical Update

Back in January i posted the following about  Clinical Genetics. I had a call a while ago to say they wanted to check the Endometrial cancer tumor they took away from me to see if anything can be found there but needed my authority to be able to do it. Of course i gave it and as yet have heard nothing but i was told it does take a long time.

Since then i have had a lump removed from the top of my inner thigh. that has gone away too to be tested… it was the size of my thumb nail and kept rubbing.

inner thigh lump 9 april 2012

I am still having physio on my inner ear balance problem and am waiting for an appointment from the Neurology department at the hospital again.

My Peripheral Neuropathy is getting worse and my legs seem to be in more pain daily.

As you can see i have a lot going on healthwise at the moment but i keep smiling, its what i do best.. Maybe this is why some people have little digs on the internet about me as, although i don’t look ill as i try to hide the fact.. I am actually in bloody agony and  have constant pain. When people ask if i’m ok i always say “ Yes thanks, i’m fine” Whats the point in harping on about been ill all the time, people get fed up of it.

Maybe, just maybe i should be a moaner and a whinger or shall i just sit alone in my home smiling to myself at how some people have nothing else better to do than to be bitter and twisted.

Right, thats got that off my chest.. now for something exciting

I’ve won a pair of Wellies!!!  i had a email off the company to say i had been lucky and will receive them in time for the weekend.

Also more good news too which i will tell on a later date but i am very excited about it..



  1. i believe you should tell people how you feel, not moaning or whining, just stating the facts. so sorry to read all of this, i had no idea ll this is still going on. congrats on the wellies and i hope you hear soon from the test.

  2. Wishing you strength and all the best. It is hard not to let hurtful comments in, but sometimes they do get to us. I am sorry with everything else going on, that you have to deal with that too. Congrats on your prize and I am glad to hear that more good things are awaiting you.