Sunday, 26 June 2011

Balance Day ( Balance, Dizzy, Vertigo)


Yesterday i went along to a Balance Information Day at The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

When i first arrived i had to sign in and go into a reception room which had plenty of tables and chairs and an assortment of stalls with information leaflets detailing various balance issues from Labyrinthitis to Mal de Debarquement Syndrome and Tinitus.

After having a look around the stalls i grabbed myself  coffee and found somewhere to sit which was quite difficult as it seemed the world and his wife had decided to go to this event.

After coffee we were directed to the Lecture room where various Consultants, Doctors and people from different Societies spoke about the different balance illnesses. One Society i was interested in was The Menieres Society, Natasha told us how they not only help people with Menieres but also people with other balance issues.


It was interesting to hear how it affected different people and also how many said that because its a “Silent Illness”, often their friends and family think they are making it all up. I too have often felt this way. Oh yes i “Do” look well but i’m good at hiding how crap i really feel!

One lady started telling her story of how her boss does not believe how ill she is and makes her life hell at work. The poor lady ran out of the lecture room in tears.


All in all though, even if the balance problem i have which is Uncompensated Vestibular Disease wasn’t mentioned, i had a very informative day and it was great to meet people who also had balance issues.



  1. i did not know about your balance problem, i have a friend that suffers from vertigo so somewhat understand what you mean. i found balance exercises in a magazine at the doctors office. I am 67 and want to start with it before i get to the point i can't balance, dizzy and lack of balance comes with old age and not just with diseases.

  2. I applaud you on this post, I hope there will be some who will read it and be a lot more understanding of illnesses that are not outwardly visible. To be thought a 'slacker' just because one looks quite healthy must be horrible. People need to be a little more understanding of such things.