Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How am i meant to hit that???

You may remember i posted about Dr Airan prescribing me some very strong indigestion tablets and sending me to the hospital for a  chest X-ray . Well i’ve had the results and my lungs are all clear so thats good news.

Over the weekend i finished the strong indigestion tablets i was taking daily and had to go back to see the Dr to let her know how things were going.

Last night i had a awful night in bed.. the sicky feeling and awful taste that came up into my mouth, made me keep having to go to the bathroom to be sick.

I mentioned this to the Dr today and she’s now digging further into why i’m like this.


I arrived home with a wonderful little container with a spatula attached to the lid.. yup, she needs a poo sample! wonderful.. how the hell am i meant to hit that small bottle! Also i only “go” about once a week if i’m lucky. She laughed and said when i feel the need to grab my little pot and the surgery needs it by mid day and it needs to be fresh!!!!!!   Bloody Fresh! hahaha.

So until the urge arrives i can do no more but hope that its on a morning and before noon.

Also apparantly the letter to my Dr from the Neurologist which was meant to be sent in January, had got lost! Now though Dr Airan can refer me to ENT.. weird isnt it that the consultant has to ask my Dr to refer me. Why couldn’t the consultant do it as it was her idea in the first place? Hmmm who am i to ask.

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  1. good grief! have fun with that! ;) I so hope they can sort all this out babe