Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My Character Reading.

I saw this man on tv yesterday and thought i’d have a look at his website and see what he says about me. He’s called Paul Watson and he’s spot on with my reading. I would love a little cottage in the country where i could have lots of animals and make jams and pickles and jewellery, its always been a dream of mine.

Aquarius Water Hare


Well, let's get one thing straight, Water Hares are amazing. They are lovely, kind, thoughtful, gentle and selfless. The Aquarian, however, can be cool, cold and distant. Well, not this girl.

This girl is actually a little bit of an air-head, bit of a hippy, a floaty thing who absolutely needs to decamp to the country, if she isn't already there, because the harshness, the day-to-day slog of city life would completely destabilise her karma.

The ideal setting for this girl is a little cottage in the middle of nowhere with a little cottage industry - possibly knitwear or something both practical and creative - where she can work to her own times and schedules and not worry about all the huffing and puffing that is taking place in smog-filled hell-holes all over the world. She is in possession of the sort of compassion and sweet-natured soul that re-instils your faith in humanity - if ever there was a girl who would do anything for a complete stranger, it is this fair maiden. She is not stupid, she is not gullible, she is not naive, she just has the sort of inherent kindness that is so tragically lacking in today's dismally self-orientated society.

They don't come more adorable, but this one is also strangely savvy - don't underestimate her. Wonderful.



  1. Hmm might go see what is said about me... not that I'll share it if I don't like it... :-)

  2. Follow your dream. Someone out there is telling you to do it x

  3. well - quite accurate I'd say!! :o)

  4. I;m going to check this out, thanks Tracey,
    .........:-) Hugs