Sunday, 25 April 2010

Where did the weekend go?

On Friday i’d felt a bit woozy and sniffly but thought a cold wasn’t on the agenda as i only had one in February.

So had thought i’d tackle cutting Dave’s front lawn on Saturday. It’s only about 20 sq metres so not much to tackle.

It wasn’t meant to be, i woke up absolutly full of cold and my head was pounding. The old Peripheral Neuropathy was playing up too and i fell into the concrete fireplace as i tried to put on my flip flop. The problems i have apart from the dizzy and fainting do’s is the pins and needles i have in my fingers and also the numbness below my knees and into my feet and the pain is awful.

So yesterday i spent all day laid on the sofa and later having to go to bed as even though it was glorious sunshine outside and apparently warm too, i was freezing. Every bone in my body has ached ever since and today was another no go zone. Dave was out all day at a meeting to do with his car club so i did some cleaning but had to go and lay down again.

The weekend has been and gone and i’ve been stuck inside. Here’s hoping i’m not wobbly and achy tomorrow as i need fresh air, i don’t like been stuck indoors.


  1. aw - bad luck there babe. Does the PN eventually go on it's own or not? it sounds totally horrible - hugs

  2. Bounce back quickly, Tracey!

  3. Sorry you're in so much pain, Tracey. Do you have balance issues because of the dizziness and fainting? Are you sensitive to changes in posture?

    I can relate to being inside when the sun is shining... It feels like a waste to not be out there enjoying it, doesn't it?

  4. Tracey be extra careful with the neuropathy.

    I try not to rush around because my feet and hands just ain't what they used to be.

  5. Tracey I too have peripheral neuropathy, what do you take for it....they are not sure if it has been caused by chemo/radiation or diabetis. Personally I think it is because of being a diabetic....hope your better soon.
    ........:-) Hugs

  6. Hi L'Optimiste.. it comes and goes but more recently it don't want to leave me!

    Angie. I'm bouncing, I'm bouncing hehe

    Loveable Homebody. Hello, I have balance issues because of the Peripheral Neuropathy.

    Daria. i thought i was the only person in the world going through this.. isn't it awful? i try not to rush too.

    Bernie.. thats 3 of us with it. I'm not diabetic, mines to do with the drugs i had during chemo apparantly but i also had radiotherapy too, 2 x 10 hour sessions which i thought a lot!!