Saturday, 10 April 2010

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing

10 april 2010 sweets 015 

Way back in 1970, my parents bought their first ever business, a small sweetshop.

As i was only 6 at the time i would be in charge of selling the penny sweets, i loved it.

Today i discovered a sweet shop that has opened in Hull town centre, this shop used to be the tobacconist my Dad bought his pipes and speciality pipe tobacco’s from when i was a child.I remember it having wooden shelving and wooden drawers and used to love going in there in later years to buy Dad a new pipe for his Christmas present.

treat box

Anyway today its called “Treat Box” and sells all the wonderful sweets i used to when i was a child. talk about memories flooding back.The owners have even kept the old wooden draws and shelving i remembered and have jars of sweets to buy by per 100gram unlike when i sold 2  ounces, times change eh?

Some of the things they sell are:

Floral Gums

10 april 2010 sweets 005

Scented Satins

10 april 2010 sweets 009 

Midget Gems

Bon Bons

10 april 2010 sweets 006

Traffic Light Lollipops

Sweet Tobacco

10 april 2010 sweets 010

Black Jacks

Fruit Salads

Kali & Lollipops (Kali is a Hull word for sherbert crystals)

10 april 2010 sweets 007

Sherbert Dib Dabs

Chocolate Mice

Lucky Bags

10 april 2010 sweets 014

If you remember a sweet from your childhood  i guarantee you’ll find it in this tiny shop. What i also loved about the shop was the way they wrapped up your purchases in clear plastic and tied with ribbon then finished with a cute Treat Box sticker.

This afternoon i had wonderful memories come flooding back of my childhood in my parents sweetshop, one happy bunny.


  1. oh!! it's superb! would love to go - when I come up there to the Dreaded North, we will! Such a lovely post :o)

  2. I don't get to see many shops like this anymore, this sure bring back some old memories

  3. Wonderful to go down Memory Lane in that sweet shop.
    I used to love aniseed balls and sherbet lemons and liquorice sticks.

    Nuts in May

  4. where is this shop then lol, would love to pay a visit x x

  5. Jenny. its the corner of Hepworth Arcade opposite Primark x