Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Back from my appointment

Well i arrived at the hospital to see Dr Bashir but saw a lady doctor in his team called Dr Musunuru. Straight away she asked how i’d been and i mentioned the weird pain i had which lasted about 10 days that felt like period pains.

She examined me thoroughly and was quite happy that all seemed ok.I got a bit of a shock though when she told me my CA125 was 14 as 6 months ago it was only 8. She said the numbers can fluctuate which i know but even so i’m a bit scared. Also instead of seeing me in 6 months time she’s brought it forward to 4 months time.

Dr Musunuru said she’s brought it forward so they can monitor me properly.

I spoke to Jean one of the clinical nurse specialists too and she said if i get worried just to call her. I never called her when i had cancer the last time but i might be different if its come back again.

Jean was quite pleased too that i raised awareness of Ovarian cancer last month and has took copies of the articles i had in the 2 newspapers. She’s going to get them laminated and put up in both Castle Hill Hospital and The Hull Royal Infirmary too.

After the shock of my rising CA125, Dave took me out for a late lunch and we spoke about if my cancer is on its way back. He put my mind at ease  a little by saying that if the Oncologist was worried she’d have had me back sooner than in 4 months time. I also said to him that at least i know what to expect regarding chemo and  he’s seen me bald too so hopefully he won’t run away! When i asked if he’d look after me if it has returned ( as the last one just punched me and played mind games with me) he laughed and said “ it ain’t coming back man, and cause i will, we met when we were both bald so i know what you look like”

So at least if it does return i have support. Its going to be a long 4 months though, but i’m going to once again be positive and put on the “i’m brave” face, and carry on as usual.


  1. Positive thinking is always the best place to start for everybody. I'm sure blogpalls will add to it for you too. :)

  2. and you will have all my support too - BUT it's NOT going to return! You will be too busy doing fund raising for my cycle kenya thing for it to catch you anyway ;o)

    I'd try to get the checkup moved to 3 months though. That's more than long enough to wait. You'll be bald through fretting, never mind chemo!

    big hugs from Me and Mr Jones babe - hang in there

  3. Oh hun, try not to worry, I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine.

    My CA125 has always fluctuated a lot - it went from 18 to 9 in 3 months which just goes to show it can move around a great deal. I know that's not very reasurring when it's going in the other direction, but you've got to remember that 14 is still less than halfway to the maximum normal level of 35.

    Mine only dropped to 10 after 3 years of being measured, before that it was always in the mid-upper teens which was deemed completely normal. I know it's just the shock of having it rise though, no matter what it goes up to. Plus when you've been feeling a bit off it makes you worry even more.

    Dave is right that they'd have you back in sooner if they were really worried though, and more importantly they'd send you straight off for a scan which they're not doing.

    I know it's incredibly hard but try not to worry too much. You'll be absolutely fine, I'm sure of it.

    Hugs a'plenty hun

  4. Sending tons and tons of good vibes your way!!! It's very very very important that you stay as positive as possible! It can make all the difference for you! HUGS!!!

  5. Hello,

    That test result must be so scary... And I imagine the waiting is terrifying. Damn the unknown. I'm glad your medical professionals are taking this seriously and being sensitive to your fear.

    Please update us on the results of your other tests and the pain.


  6. Saying don't worry doesn't quite cut it does it - but try not too. I think Sandhy's idea of getting a three month check is a good one. Sending lots of hugs your way.

  7. Oh Tracey, I get it. I have crampy pains every month like I'm getting/I've got my period. I wonder if my body still has cycles. But I have to admit, it worries me.

    My doc asked me if I wanted to know my CA-125 number each check up (warning me it will fluctuate) or whether he would only tell me when it concerned him. I've decided to go that route. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but that's what I'm doing for now.

    And yes, I agree with the postings of others, your docs would have you in far earlier if they were concerned. Stay as positive as you can.


  8. Oh Tracey, once you have had cancer and gone through treatment it is always a bit nerve wracking when our check ups come around....it is this way with everyone I know who has had cancer.....I would probably feel exacly like you did upon learning the CA125 number but and I really mean this.... it doesn't mean cancer of any kind is back....it really doesn't sweetie. I wouldn't want you to lose 4 months of a wonderful, happy summer worrying about something that is not even there. You know how our lives can change in a minute so don't waste any of your minutes Tracey...enjoy all the love in your life, your family, friends and good times. Enjoy today, the hour and the minute......let all this worry go and when you have your check up in 4 months you will find all will be well and you will be so grateful for the past few months which you filled with fun, laughter and love.....you can e-mail me anytime sweetie if you just want to talk and in the meantime I will check in with you just so you know you have soeone who cares for you on the other side of the pond....:-)Hugs

  9. Hey Tracey:
    Just popped in to say Hi and read your latest post. I will come back to see how you are doing. Fingers crossed for you and keep your chin up. You're doing great.

  10. I agree with the others, they would have had you in sooner if they were really worried.

    Take care,

    Gill in Canada