Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Target Ovarian Cancer

Well i have just got home from my first ever meet in my area with other Ovarian Cancer Ladies.

I had an invite through the post from my Oncology nurses to pop along to a local hotel where a Target Ovarian Cancer Roadshow Wellbeing Day was been held. How could i not go!!

There were a choice of workshops for me to attend, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The Workshops were:

1,Getting the most out of your cancer services

2,Q&A Make-up Workshop

3,Getting the most of me time


I chose to do “Getting the most of me time” in the morning, and “ Q&A Make-up Workshop” in the afternoon.

I Arrived at 9.20am and signed in and met the other ladies over coffee. It was great to hear the other ladies stories and i was amazed at how many of them had been incorrectly diagnosed with irritable Bowel Syndrome before been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.

We were then ushered into a different room where we were introduced to the Target Ovarian Cancer ladies. They told us about what to expect of our day and also mentioned about making people aware of Ovarian Cancer and are wanting ladies who have had experience of Ovarian Cancer, to get in touch if they feel they could stand in front of people and spread the word (Sandhy?)I could never stand in front of people and do this as i’d just clam up, i’m ok amongst people i know but not a good public speaker.

Next came the morning workshop were about 12 of us went to another room and had a quick introduction to the “Getting the most of me time” workshop. it was informative and great to hear the other ladies tell their tales of what they like to do with their “Me time”

Then came lunch, we went to the dining room were i expected sandwiches but was shocked to see Roast Turkey and Vegetables ( which i had) Homemade fish cakes, Creamy Pasta Bake,Smoked Salmon and various salads. and the sweet trolley consisted of fresh fruit salad, toffee cheesecake and chocolate fudge cake. Certainly better than curled up  sarnies!

After lunch we went to our afternoon workshops. Watching  someone apply makeup correctly was interesting and was something i really could have done with when i had no hair, eyebrows or eyelashes.

We then had coffee and met up with the rest of the ladies again and  had a Look Good, Feel Better demonstration. One of our ladies was lucky enough to get a full make up done and got to keep the make up used too.

I would recommend anyone going through Cancer to get in touch with these people as they most certainly do make you look good and feel better, again i wish i had been told about them when i was having treatment as having my then partner telling me i was ugly and off putting and looked like a man when i had no hair, did nothing for my confidence but been able to go to one of these workshops would have helped me a lot.

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  1. Let's hope Blogland spreads the word for you...

  2. oh yay!! I am so glad you went and even better, that you enjoyed it.

    And Tracey my dear friend, you WOULD be very good at speaking to other women about ovarian cancer. You are very personable and honest; that makes a world of difference when someone is talking to you about your LIFE. You should try it. I will call them. We could do it together :o)

    Really chuffed you had such a good day