Thursday, 11 March 2010

Me, Brave? I most certainly have been

Although i’m a happy go lucky type of person and get on with most people, i’m actually quite shy and for me to do not one but two!!! newspaper interviews is a miracle.

Yesterday i met up with Katy from my local newspaper and gave an interview about how my ovarian cancer was discovered, thankfully She was a lovely lady and put me at ease as i really was so scared i never slept the previous night. Today i met the photographer for my photoshoot, i almost felt like a celebrity although did find it very difficult not to pull  a face when faced with the camera…. imagine a photograph of me gurning in the newspaper hahahaha.

Last night i went to watch a game of ice hockey, it was between my team, The Hull Stingrays and Dave’s team The Newcastle Vipers.

All was going well and we were winning and then i suddenly felt ill, i thought i was going to faint so instead of standing, as i normally do, i sat in my seat… The feeling passed  but came back later on. Once again i sat down, the game became a blur and i fainted in my seat! My friend was sat next to me and i tried to speak to him to tell him i wasn’t well and couldn’t see but no words came out. I nudged him and muttered “ not well” “can’t see”

The next thing i knew was that a first aider from the arena was asking if i could hear him and then i heard Dave’s voice ( He’d been with the other Viper supporters at the other side of the arena and another friend of mine had apparantly waved his arms frantically for him to come over).

I heard talking on the first aiders walkie talkie and as if by magic the Stingrays club Doctor arrived, he was fantastic. He asked me if i’d eaten, which i had, and about my medication and i told him about my Peripheral-Neuropathy where i faint all over the place.. As soon as i mentioned this he knew that was what it was. He asked me if i’d like to go and lay down in the medical centre or to just lay on the floor where i was sat, i chose the latter as  our seats are at the very top of the block and didn’t fancy trying to negotiate the stairs. At this point i still had no vision and couldn’t speak properly either. I was shaking like mad and so scared. The Doctor said i should try to ease my breathing too as i was having a panic attack AAARRGGHH!.

Eventually i was well enough to sit back in my seat but didn’t feel well enough to carry on watching the game and Dave didn’t mind us leaving early as his team was losing hehehe.

Dave and another friend also a Dave, helped me down the stairs and was i glad to get in the car and get home. As soon as i got in the front door i had to run to the bathroom where i was so sick and cold.. I went to bed wrapped warm but was shaking for at least 3 hours after i got into bed and i had 2 duvets over me too.

Today when i woke, i felt as if i’d done ten rounds with Mike Tyson but had to get myself together for the aforementioned photoshoot.

After the photo’s Dave took me out to lunch which was lovely and while we were out i got a call to say i would be getting a  call this afternoon to do an interview for The Sunday People.. Interview done now and a date to be arranged for another photoshoot.

all this fame from an not so brave me.. and i love it!!


  1. oh no! poor you!! the stress of being a celebrity ;o) Can't wait to see you in the papers! good work - and I hope that dizzy thing stays away, it sounds awful :o(.

  2. oh gosh that all sounds scary Tracey! I'm glad you're feeling better x

  3. hope you are feeling a lot better. X

  4. oh my gosh that sounds so scary. Does this happen a lot?

    I too had a "photoshoot" the other week for my upcoming column for a newspaper over here. I too got all worked up and all they wanted was a head shot of me!!!

    Post a link to the article if you can.....

    Gill in Canada

  5. Hi Gill
    It does happen a lot unfortunatly but this was the first time i ended up in a heap in public.
    The reporter told me it'll be in early this week but as soon as either are out i'll blog them... not everyday one is famous.. i almost feel the need to raise ones little finger while slurping my tea hehehe

  6. Pleased to see you back blogging. Last time that I visited you had not posted for some time. That sounds like a nasty experience - good practice for being a diva. All that fame going to your head!

  7. I wonder if it was triggered by the interview?
    Peripheral neuropathy is a terrible thing. My leg gave way one cold day recently as it cramped up without warning and that knocked my confidence no end.
    This is what it it doing to me and my fingers & toes are losing their feeling. I am worried this might be permanent.

    Nuts in May