Friday, 15 January 2010

Peripheral neuropathy

Wow… Its been ages since I last blogged…
Anyway, since finishing my chemo and radiotherapy almost 3 years ago, I’ve had awful dizzy spells where I faint all over the place. It affects my day to day challenges big time as I get all uncoordinated and can’t walk straight, rather like a afternoon in the pub ( I wish).

I did ask a Macmillan nurse a few months ago if I was weird as I’ve never heard anyone else suffering like I am and she told me there’s a name for how I described my symptoms but couldn’t remember it.

Anyway, yesterday I emailed Macmillan and received a reply today.
I have Peripheral neuropathy

I'm so pleased i've finally found out what is wrong with me as i think some people think i'm making up how i feel...
Not good though that it can be with me for years... here's hoping they get a drug sorted out soon that will stop me banging into things and konking out at any given time!!


  1. yay! you're back! poor thing - let's hope it goes away sooner rather than later. What about a physiotherapist? Could help?

  2. sounds rather awful but at least you know now what you are dealing with !

  3. hey Tracey,

    I think I've been noticing some of this Peripheral Neoropathy stuff too lately. Strange to me because I barely experienced it (if at all) DURING chemo/rads. Now...a few months out. I am noticing some strange things. Mostly tingling in my feet and legs when/after walking. Perhaps the cold is bringing it out more, I don't know. I hope your symptoms improve! It is good to have an explanation for least!

  4. Good to see you back, but sorry that you've been unwell.

  5. hope you get a handle on your after effects soon. I think there are many side effects of chemo and radiation the we just have to deal with for the rest of our lives. of course, they don't tell you that before treatment! I have some to deal with also, but different from yours. have a wonderful weekend!!