Friday, 18 September 2009

I'm Back!!!

I'm back and hopefully able to read all your fantastic blogs again, without the dreaded "about blank" tab popping up and throwing me off the net.. fingers crossed.

Well what a busy weekend i had last weekend.. I went on Saturday evening to watch my favourite ice hockey team The Hull Stingrays play at The Hull Arena. I've not been in almost a year as apart from the season ending, i've spent a lot of time out of town at my other halfs home.

It was great to catch up with my friends too and have a giggle with them.

Dez, Dave & Caroline been themselves!!! hahaha

I've been supporting Ice Hockey in Hull for almost 22 years now and last season was the first season i'd not been to every match. They beat Cardiff Devils 4-2 so it was a good game to watch with plenty of fights too!!

On Sunday i had a walk down to The Hull Marina to watch the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race set off on their 10 month voyage. What an amazing site to see the 10 yachts out on the River Humber ready to set sail on a voyage of a lifetime and so emotional too.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Thousands turned up to watch the start of the race

This Sunday we're going to Rockingham in Northamptonshire to watch the BTCC and i can't wait. I'm a real sociable person and we've got so many friends we meet up with at the meets its fantastic.

Apart from all this excitement of been out and about i've also had a weird pain in my stomach. The only thing i can describe it as is like a period pain. But as i no longer have those ( Thank heavens) it most certainly aint that.. I'm not too worried though as i visit my Oncologist next month for my 6 month check up so he'll have a prod about and see whats what.


  1. Tracey, what a great time you're having. You certainly seem to enjoy life to the full and that's what it's all about . . Right!

    Looking forward to hearing the all clear when you have your 6 month check-up and will be thinking of you. You're certainly an inspiration to me as I too have health concerns . .

    A big hug across the miles to you Tracey . . and press that followers button, Missus!!!

  2. yay! you've been a tad quiet. I LOVE the photo of you! It's just so 'you'. Full of spirit and joy.

    Hmm - seems we can compare notes [and nag one another] regarding the pain in the tummy! ;o) Hope it gets better on it's own. That'd be good.

  3. Lovely photo of you Tracey, glad you are back! Lovely days you are having!

  4. Life sounds so busy, makes me feel all tired just reading about it. Enjoy Rockingham.

  5. Nice to see you back. I have also been over to look at your family tree site. My niece has been tracing our family back and it makes fascinating reading. I wish I had the know how to set it all out as you have done.
    I am from the family of Ward in Lancashire/ Cheshire way. Similar to Wardle, but not connected!!!
    Hope the tummy-ache is just that.
    Love Granny

  6. Re: your note about dentists, that you left on my blog...You'd love my one - he's dishy! Plus gentle on the gnashers...