Sunday, 28 June 2009

my life in the fast lane

Earlier in the year, Dave booked himself a place to go to the VXR owners evening especially for Vauxhall high performance cars.. Only VXR drivers could go plus a guest too.

Friday was the day…. We drove down to Rockingham in Northamptonshire to the circuit.

After a BBQ Dave and other owners had the chance to drive some of Vauxhall high performance cars. I was chief photographer for the evening. I could have driven them too but it wasn’t for me.. Instead I got to be a passenger in one driven by Matt Neal who is one of Vauxhalls BTCC drivers

Prior to been driven by him, we’d had a chat during the BBQ and I became a trollop and asked if I could have my photo taken with him, he laughed when I said the trollop word. Although I’m 5ft 6 and thought I was tall. Matt is 6ft 6 so I felt tiny!

Anyway, back to my drive round the track… As I was about to get into the car, all sexy in my crash helmet, the Vauxhall chief instructor asked me if I’d like a photo taken with Matt by the car, I explained I’d had pics taken earlier but he said you can have more here now then, and got Matt to climb out of his car and pose with me!! Not one other person got that service, made me feel special.

As I got into the car after the mini photo session, I turned to plug in my seat belt only to crash heads with Matt. He said “Oy you just nutted me” made me chuckle it did.
We set off round the twisty turny track with hairpin bends here and there at 115 MPH!! blooming marvellous it was, I couldn’t stop smiling.

As we came back to the pits, Matt asked if I’d enjoyed myself I turned to him and said he’d made my life! I told him about been diagnosed with cancer and that since finishing treatment 2 years ago I wanted to live and have fun.. He put his hand on my leg and said “ Aww bless you, you‘ve made my life telling me that” then said I’d been a pleasure to meet as I got out of the car.

One very happy bunny got out of the car and hasn't stopped smiling since.. i now have a need for speed

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