Monday, 20 April 2009

My Womans Health Appointment

I’ve just got home from my yearly hospital appointment with Dr Elliott. Dr Elliott see’s me about woman’s health and I’ve seen her since having my Hysterectomy in January 2007.

All went well but she’d like me to have a bone scan as Osteoporosis
is common in post-menopausal women, and I’m in that category. She also noticed on my records that I’d had my first bone break last year!! She’s decided I should have one as even though I’m on calcium tablets its best to be on the safe side.
Its just a case now, of waiting for an appointment letter to pop through my letter box


  1. That's great news Tracey innit? Ok, so you're an old bugger, get over it - he he he he :P
    So pleased for ya me dear x x

  2. good idea - I have been meaning to ask Renninson about that. I will do it in August - remind me! :o)

    hope today went ok!!

  3. I really can't remember when my last bone scan was done. I should really check in on that. Thanks for that great article you posted on menopause.