Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Day in the Sun

Dave with Bertie & Molly watching the boats

What a glorious day today is. Sunshine, Warmth what more can anyone want.
We took the dogs for a walk round the marina today. its not far from where i live and so peaceful and tranquil.
We sat and watched people working on their boats and decided..we want a boat.
Only a dream of course, but if ever i came into money i'd buy one and live on it..Wonderful.

Oh and i remember the days the postman delivered letters in the morning. My postman delivered mine at 3.45pm today!! Amongst the bumf was a letter from Dr Elliott who i saw on Monday. I have a date with her on the 19th October and i presume thats also the date of my bone scan as she did say she wanted to see me the same time as i had the scan.. No mention of a scan in this letter though. Never mind though, i'll just go and do as i'm told.

I go back to see Dr Bashir on the 20th October so 2 days on the trot of hospital appointments, just like this week.

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