Thursday, 9 April 2009

CA125 results and Medical Notes

Since been diagnosed with Ovarian & Cervical Cancer in November 2006, I’ve never actually asked any details on how my CA125 results are doing compared to when I first was diagnosed.
Basically all my chemo friends have there bloods done and get the results when they have their 3 or 4 monthly check up with their Oncologist. I’ve always had my bloods done straight after I’ve seen him so never any wiser!
I have a new Oncologist now, Dr Bashir, as the old one retired.

4 months ago when I saw Dr Bashir he said he’s changing things as I should know my results when I see him. So last Tuesday I went to my doctors and had my CA125 bloods taken and by the time I see Dr Bashir on the 21st of this month I’ll know how I’m doing.
Today I rang Trish, his secretary to see if I can have a copy of my medical notes as I feel I’d like to know what actually went on and what was took away etc. I know I had a full hysterectomy and some other bits but feel I’d like to know more. I was told at the time but to be honest it was all a blur, especially as there were some other things going on in my life at that time too.

Trish has put me in touch with a lady who is going to send out a request form for me to fill in.
Also I asked Trish if she could get all the results of my CA125 ready for me so I can see how the numbers have gone down, I don’t even know what stage cancer I had!
Apparantly all I need to do is ask Dr Bashir when I see him and he’ll print off all my blood results.
Is it weird that I’m quite excited about this?

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  1. it's not wierd at all - it's great to see how you are progressing [I love that my CA 125 was 1400 and something and it's now NINE!!!]

    I think it helps us to be confident that we are well. Even though the CA 125 is not definitive, it is certainly comforting when it stays around the same level. For us it's a useful diagnostic tool [having had cancer already], as we have a personal 'norm' which, if it were to jump a lot and suddenly, helps them to treat anything fast.

    Fast I like!! :o)

    The notes are extremely interesting - get your 'doctor's writing' specs out! Anyone would think they're illiterate...shocking hand writing the lot of them! :o)