Sunday, 15 March 2009

Its fixed!

Thank heavens last week has finally gone!
My car had to go in for its annual MOT and failed!! I'd asked the mechanic to price up the bits for me but he decided not to ring me back with the price.. he just put my car right and i now owe £187.51! £50 of that the actual MOT test.

I wanted him to just price the bits up as Dave's brother has a garage and he, apparantly wouldn't have charged me labour.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGHHHH.

Anyway, i pick up Peggy ( my car) tomorrow.

Yesterday we had a trip on the Metro and went to watch the Newcastle Diamonds speedway team have there open practice session. It was a taster of whats to come when the official season starts next weekend. And as its there 80th anniversary, it only cost us 80p each to get in!! BONUS!!

Also, they're been sponsored by an Indian outside caterer who sold Indian food from their gazebo!... We had Chicken Balti with rice and for £3.50 was well worth the money, it was absolutly gorgeous.

I took quite a few photo's today of the racers but am useless at photography and this is the only one i feel able to let the world see! at least i managed an action shot of him riding through a bend and the dusty track rising behind him ;-)

On the way home we decided to have a bit of a walk and got off the metro about 3 stops before we needed to. It was such a lovely afternoon it was a shame to waste it. We walked about 3 miles and i felt Sunday was the fun i needed after the awful week i've had.

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  1. oi!! they aren't allowed to do that!! you can refuse to pay - he has to give you a quote IN WRITING before he does anything to your car - cheeky bugger. We had the same thing and Aj went bezzo and suddenly it was half the not allow them to intimidate you. grr