Tuesday, 24 February 2009


I had a funny turn last night. About 6pm I started to shake and felt really sick too. Also I thought I was going to faint.
I’d had something to eat during the day so it wasn’t as if I’d been starving myself ( heaven forbid, I love food)

I never got much sleep last night either as my stomach was bubbling a bit and boy did it hurt. Today I got up but have felt so sleepy all day and dizzy and sicky too.. I took Dave out in the car to see if he could find a hoover, but still no joy. I went into one shop with him but had to sit in the car for the next shop as I felt absolutely shocking. I never mentioned to Dave how I’ve felt all day as I feel a right fraud and a moaner so I’ve stayed quiet as I always do.

He’d said this morning that he fancied fish & chips for tea so straight away I knew I didn’t have to cook tonight ( a blessing when I feel like this). At 6.30 he decided he didn’t want fish and chips but fancied a pizza so off he trotted to buy one.
Even the smell is making me feel like puking.. I have a hot mug of coffee and that’ll do me.. And an early night too is on the cards.

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  1. oh no! that's not good - and you SHOULD tell dave. hope you feel better today