Saturday, 31 January 2009

I almost forgot!!
I had my third weigh in at Slimming World last Tuesday, I had to go a day early as I wasn’t in the area on the Wednesday.I went to a different class but with the same consultant.

What a big class!! The one I usually go to has about 10 of us staying back and listening, but the Wallsend one had about 30 women there. I had to leave half way through as I knew it would go on later than the time stated and poor Dave was sat shivering in the car waiting for me.
Anyway, I lost 4lb which I’m really chuffed about I got my half stone award and some new award to say I’m in a different stone zone too.

Upto now I’ve lost 10lb in 3 weeks and although its not a lot, I feel a lot better for it.
I doubt I’ll do very well this week as I’ve had a bad cold and stupid cough and all I’ve wanted to do is eat whatever I like.
Watch this space

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  1. 10lb is not a lot?? what?? it's a lot! well done mate!