Friday, 2 January 2009

Dave's illness

This is the first ever photo i took of Dave, when we met in September 2007, He'd recently finished chemo...We were both bald when we met!

Four years ago Dave was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. Prior to this he was tired all the time, had a massive weight loss, and no appetite, all the typical symptoms. At one stage he lost 2 ½ stone in 3 weeks! This is when he went to the doctors and was diagnosed a short time later after blood tests etc.

The treatment was in tablet form “Glivec” and he could still work as he needed no chemotherapy.. Dave lead a normal life but with regular bone marrow tests. Everything progressed well and the professor was happy with his progress. And he was basically in remission.

Unfortunately it returned in January 2007 and he was back on the medication in tablet form but after one bone marrow test they decided he should have chemotherapy. Dave had short bursts of chemo twice a week for 6 weeks, then once a week and the last two sessions were on a fortnightly basis.

The usual side effects of chemotherapy occured with hair loss being the most obvious, but nausea and random fainting were of a particular problem.

Since finishing chemo Dave’s been fine. Before His last visit to the professor he had a bone marrow test and it appeared the treatment has worked, whilst they have not committed themselves to actually saying that the cancer had indeed been defeated the fact that Dave was told not to ‘come back’ for 12 months and to liase with his home doctor/nurse is fact enough that it has indeed been eradicated.

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  1. excellent about Dave - and may he continue to be well forever. What a way to meet someone! ;o)